About us

About xDNA

We are an international digital agency based in the UK and the Philippines that specialises in providing a wide range of digital solutions for today’s modern challenges. Our team regards clients as partners, our business as an extension of theirs, and provide an expanded skill set to tackle problems head-on together.

Hands-on and deeply involved, we offer fresh perspectives and angles for every kind of company. Supporting budding startups and established multinationals, xDNA delivers swift and cost-efficient web work which include website & enterprise software development, marketing strategy & SEO management, and more.

Flexible in our collaboration, we are open to taking on new projects as well as working as a trusted extension to your team.


Always striving for growth in your business and ours.


Ready for diverse scenarios and environments.


Find true enjoyment and purpose in the kind of work we do.

Our Story

xDNA Interactive was founded by Mark Chambers and Richard Mavers in 2019, as a eureka moment brought upon by the uncertainty of Brexit.

Following the 2020 pandemic and worldwide transition in the remote work setup, we soon merged with UK’s award-winning agencies Fluid Studios and Big Reach Marketing.

With this expansion, we now offer a wider and continuously growing array of services, matched with 24/7 support, from our offices in Glasgow and London, UK and Manila, Philippines.

We are currently recognised as one of the UK’s fastest-growing, award-winning digital agencies in the UK, catering to over 800 clients from all over the globe as of today.

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Core values

We value our diverse and talented workforce, inspiring them to collaborate on different ideas and viewpoints that equate to the best ideas and lasting relations.

We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and governance, in line with our deep and genuine commitment to our clients.

We step outside the boundaries, equipped with technology, disciplined by strategies, and led by creativity.

We pursue performance-driven insights and thrive to provide outstanding creative, digital solutions for clients worldwide.

We are driven to provide a business solution for our clients that would create an impact to inspire passion and spur action.

We appreciate and respect the hard work of our dedicated team, and we value the trust and support of our clients in every partnered project.