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Job Description

xDNA Digital Agency, Inc. an international digital agency based in the UK and the Philippines that specializes in providing a wide range of digital solutions for today’s modern challenges. Our team regards clients as partners, our business as an extension of theirs, and provide an expanded skill set to tackle problems head-on together.

Hands-on and deeply involved, we offer fresh perspectives and angles for every kind of company. Supporting budding startups and established multinationals, xDNA delivers swift and cost-efficient web work which include website & enterprise software development, marketing strategy & SEO management, and more.

Flexible in our collaboration, we are open to taking on new projects as well as working as a trusted extension to your team.

xDNA Digital Agency, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Job Overview:

You will help provide actionable and meaningful data-driven insights that represent the voice of multiple users. You will collaborate across development, design, and marketing teams to evaluate current and upcoming user research needs that help to improve product definition and drive business goals.

Some typical tasks and responsibilities of the UX Researcher includes:

Research Planning and Recruitment
● Develop a well-crafted research plan with clear research objectives.
● Write usability research screeners and discussion guides.
● Recruit targeted end-users for specific research studies.

Data Collection
● Moderate one-on-one basic usability sessions.
● Help develop and implement quantitative surveys.
● Conduct stakeholder and client interviews.

Data Analysis
● Extract insights about user behaviors from web instrumentation tools.
● Translate user insights into actionable recommendations for the product team.

Presentation of Insights
● Craft personas and other “information radiators” (e.g. journey maps) to communicate insights
across the design and development teams.
● Present design research findings to the larger team in a clear and organized fashion.

● Work closely with the product team to identify research objectives.
● Establish and implement an overall research strategy.

Ultimately, your job as a UX researcher is to build up a picture of your target users based on their needs, wants, motivations, and pain-points. These insights enable the wider design team to create user-friendly products based on real user feedback—not just your assumptions.

Duties And Responsibilities

As a UX researcher, you’ll need to

  • meet clients to gather information about their requirements and to find out what needs
    researching, designing or usability testing
  • be involved in sketching, prototyping and on occasion user testing, before passing the design onto the development team
  • understand qualitative research methods
  • have an awareness of costs and budgets
  • put users at the center of a design to make it simple, easy to use and good looking
  • be confident in your presentation skills in order to present the stages of the design development
    to business users
  • work closely within a multidisciplinary team, including web developers and programmers
  • have technical knowledge to be able to explain what needs doing, to programmers
  • ensure websites comply with the law and equal opportunities policies.

You’ll need to have:

  • a mixture of creative and technical skills
  • excellent teamworking skills
  • verbal communication skills, as you present your research findings and the reasons behind your design decisions
  • strong written communication ability, as you may be involved in writing copy for the website
  • creativity and innovation, to come up with new ideas
  • enthusiasm for design and technology
  • knowledge of coding, even if you’re not doing it yourself, such as an understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • the ability to use Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Adobe XD. (nice to have)


We’d love to meet you! Send over your resume and sample works to connect@xdnainteractive.com

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