Understanding The Customer Value Journey

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Understanding The Customer Value Journey

by Lewis Camp
October 30, 2021

Great digital marketing is crucial to the growth and success of your business. But we all know that each major campaign can take some serious time to execute, and in turn, stretch your budget quite thin.

To help maximise your expenditure and resources, we recommend looking into something known as the Customer Value Journey.
Every strategy you formulate needs to allow you to connect with people through several relevant touchpoints. From the very beginning, every single interaction is intended to help raise the profile of your brand and naturally, build more trust between the operation and your consumer each time.

It’s a long process, but a fantastic one nonetheless!

Once you get to grips with how this should be implemented, you could well be on your way towards your best marketing strategy yet!

Get to know all the basics right below:


1. Aware – Grab People’s Attention

Getting started is often the hardest thing to do. But bear with it! There are loads of ways to make yourself heard and seen. Whether that be through blog posts, paid search campaigns or social media content – you can get right to the heart of your desired customer base pretty quickly these days.

Soon enough, you will have been imprinted in people’s minds, and therefore, carefully sowing the seeds for brand awareness.


2. Engage – Boost Interaction

This is not about forcing people to buy your products simply because they are now in circulation. The key to driving engagement is improving the quality of your interactions with consumers.

At the end of the day, truly effective marketing focuses on building sustainable relationships with customers and strengthening their trust in what you have to offer. An excellent method to do this would be through online blog posts.

Focusing your written content on addressing commonly asked questions, not only helps establish your company as an authority on the matter but also helps maximise your overall SEO credentials sevenfold.
Our team over at Big Reach Marketing offers a wide range of copywriting services to help you achieve exactly that.


3. Subscribe – Retain Customers

Luckily, retention is often much easier than acquisition.
After people have begun to show genuine interest in your brand, work towards making sure they stay aboard!
In most cases, enticing customers using discounts or vouchers do just the trick.

But it is important to first and foremost, to request their contact details. Spend some time sifting through them to find out more about the major demographics involved. This way, you will be able to better angle towards their needs and preferences.

Then lastly, fire out strategic marketing messages every so often. To achieve maximum and individual impact, consider creating personalised and tailored offers for each customer.


4. Convert – Solidify Your Customer Base

Once your customers have eagerly handed over their details, consider them officially converted!
By definition, this means they will have already spent either a considerable amount of time and money on your brand.

Having guided them on the journey to this stage, you have successfully pushed them towards the direction of permanent custom. So kudos to you!


5. Excite – Create A Buzz

While generous offers easily delight people within seconds, they need more than just that!

To get people hooked and coming back for more, the entire brand experience you provide needs to be memorable from start to finish.

The goal is to leave them feeling better about themselves with every encounter. This increases the likelihood of them returning to feel the same feeling of thrill, satisfaction or fulfilment on a regular basis. And they will know to come to brands like you for that fix.


6. Ascend – Time to Upsell

The previous point is rather essential. Getting this done right could very well result in making customers feel obliged to spend and purchase more and more!

If they feel strongly positive about your brand, then the hardest part is over.

It becomes that much easier to promote further goods and services that they may take an interest in.
Ideally, this can be done in such a way that encourages people to increase their order quantities.


7. Advocate – Build Your Reputation

Reviews can either make or break your brand. This means that acquiring a good number of positive testimonials and comments to display is extremely vital for your reputation.

A few weeks after a customer’s purchase, send out an email to check-in and ask for their feedback. Request this in such a way that makes them feel involved in the brand’s ongoing progress, improvements, and future innovations.

The best place to display these would be on Google. But having a slew of positive reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot are also great avenues to get some great news out there!


8. Promote – Gain Repeated Purchases

If and when customers start to use your services frequently, they are likely to help promote your business off their own back.

This means obtaining those glorious, authentic recommendations we all strive for.

Among the people you need to impress regularly, these play the largest role when it comes to building a sustainably good, respected, and trustworthy reputation.


Thing To Keep In Mind

Moving customers along the whole Customer Value Journey is a delicate process that needs to be done thoughtfully and correctly at each stage.

Before getting started, be sure to thoroughly research and study your target audience. Then begin to craft your content accordingly. Especially in today’s saturated marketplace, a carefully planned campaign from all angles is hugely important.

To be able to display your brand and inspire confidence each time regularly requires a lot of work at first. But its outcome will undoubtedly and continually be more than worth it in the end!


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