How Different Will Marketing in 2022 Be?


How Different Will Marketing in 2022 Be?

by Lewis Camp
November 22, 2021

As we head into the last few weeks of the year, let us reassess current marketing trends and how they are projected to shape things differently come 2022. The landscape is set to change as we have never seen before – with more emphasis on AI, voice search, and of course, the emergence of core web vitals.

Are you ready?

Join us as we take a close look at some of the most important developments and how they greatly affect any marketing efforts you may have in the works.

1. Distance Yourself From Generic Content 

With content being written far too freely these days, instead of writing the typical ‘Top 10’ blog posts, perhaps it’s time to really find new ways to add content with value.

Fill in those missing gaps on Google, write purposefully, and consider even adding the occasional opinion. Challenge what most customers perceive to be ‘truisms’ and the final result will drive far more social shares and general intrigue around your brand, in no time!

2. Learn About Core Web Vitals 

When ranking websites along with your usual SEO exploits, anticipate a lot more emphasis on user experience. Brand new metrics have been introduced to closely analyse website loading speeds, and determine whether or not customer input is suitably responsive.

Introduced in May 2020, core web vitals have begun their rise as a major component to today’s best standards of web design. This will also take a close look at the general stability of pages, where only the most streamlined will be considered adequate for a place on page one.

3. Aim For Snippets 

Voice search is now extremely popular! So much so, people will likely search for something using their voice and simply read whatever is placed visibly at the very top. As people are keen to get the information they want right away, they are less likely to even click through to websites.

Gone are the days of writing content to rank the entire blog post. Simply strive to get one section noticed, especially if it can answer a commonly asked question!

4. Think About The Environment 

With regards to climate change, we are all constantly told to act now and play our part. In turn, businesses will largely be incorporating efforts of their own into next year’s planning.

Marketing plans which promote green credentials will become even more prevalent. Beginning some research on how you can do the same, as early as now, will help put you in good stead. However, make sure these efforts come across well-intentioned, rather than being a simple entry onto a bandwagon.

Do so, and you are bound to gain lots of credibility around your brand. Most of which, will likely be attributed towards and gain popularity amongst the younger members of society.

5. Develop Phone Apps 

How do you reach the next level? Once you’ve built your loyal customer base, keep them away from Google.

How do you do this? With mobile app development of course. This allows you to market directly to people without any disruptions from competing businesses. It is your own space and a tailored platform that speaks perfectly to your target audience, creating a bespoke user experience every time they engage with your brand.

Given the increasing preference to use mobile phones over desktops, it is high time to discover and reap the benefits of mobile phone development before it is too late!

6. Get Set For Generation Z 

Generation Z consists loosely of people born between 1995-2010.

Much like Millennials, they have been brought up in a truly digital world. But where they differ, is based on how they have always been accustomed to more advanced technologies such as smartphones and AI.

Therefore, they are likely to respond differently to marketing. They share a common desire to seek out the truth behind everything. So be transparent, as their knowledge of digital innovation is going to be all but second nature.

Gear Up For 2022 with xDNA Interactive 

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