What is Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Update?  


What is Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Update?  

by Lewis Camp
September 2, 2022

What is Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Update?  

People often try everything they can to manipulate Google’s sacred algorithm.

For many, the fuel behind SEO efforts would be content, but it appears the search engine giant has had enough – now coming up with the ‘helpful content’ update to combat devious exploits.

So, will AI copy generators need to work harder? Will the current rankings oversee a complete overhaul?

Worried? There’s no need to be, so long as you take the following into account from now on:


1. Write for People First, SEO Second 



We need the internet to be a place for genuine knowledge and expertise, not a free-for-all, giving people the opportunity to regurgitate lots of flimsy content that hardly explains anything.

Apply psychology in your work to effectively get to grips with how your audience typically feels when they engage with certain topics.

And, consider writing copy as if SEO is not even a thing, and look for ways this can be incorporated later down the line organically.


2. Does Your Content Add Real Value?  



One of the biggest challenges for copywriters is producing content for topics which are not necessarily their field of expertise.

If unfamiliar with the topic, research and reach out to relevant professionals to get meaningful information, data and opinions that make your piece a worthy addition to the Google catalogue.

Never write the same thing seen time and time before. Instead, find fresh angles, to provide a brand new perspective on the matter.


3. Are You Producing Content For the Sake of It? 



Do you keep throwing content at the wall until some of it sticks?

Stop doing this now!

Be more calculated content and focus on thorough research to help create copy which is more likely to stick the landing.

It is not a game of numbers, so take more time to make that one piece of content the best it can be.


Need Copywriting Support? 

If you need support during the helpful content update, get in contact with XDNA Interactive today!